Thom Reed UFO Monument Park

The 1st UFO case officially inducted into the U.S. as "Historically True"

The 1st UFO case officially inducted into the U.S. as "Historically True"

The 1st UFO case officially inducted into the U.S. as "Historically True"The 1st UFO case officially inducted into the U.S. as "Historically True"

Locals Rally in Sheffield, and Publicly Announce Lawsuit

Park Supporters Want Answers, Address Town Hall.

Sheffield Slectman Tell Locals They Can't Speak

Locals who support the UFO Monument are hushed and/or denied a voice, at Sheffield's public Town Meeting 

Lawyer who Authenticated Historical Society's UFO documents

Kessler Law Firm 

Boston Globe & ABC News NY, Interview The Historical Society

Debbie Oppermann the Director of the Historical Society tells why the Thom Reed UFO incident was inducted into State as Historically True

The Detective Who Issued the Polygraph Test To Thom Reed

Advanced Polygraph | Department of Defense Polygraph Institute


Howard Reed

Attorney and in Public Office


UFO Park Law Firm


Thom Reed Polygraph Results


Historical Society | Official State Induction | Sealed by, Judge Titus

Uncontested Lawful Document


Governor Charles D. Barker Citation, Sealed by Judge Titus

Uncontested Lawful Document 


WSBS Radio Aired the Thom Reed UFO incident, in September of 1969


Historical Society Notarized Witness Statements


Historical Society Notarized Witness Statements


Attorney Robert Bletchman, Introduced the Reed File at the United Nations on October 2, 1992.

Thom's Father Dr. Howard Reed, would also die on October 2nd. Attorney Bletchman was a family friend and a legally retained Lawyer for the Reed's 


Dr. Howard Reed. Attorney, College Professor and Selectmen

Thom's Father lost his life on October 2nd. The Reed family UFO incident was mentioned by their Lawyer, Bletchman, at the United Nations on October 2nd. The 2015 unveiling of the Monument was dedicated to Howard Reed, by his son. The Monument was later removed and hidden by Sheffield Selectmen (Nadine & Rhonda) in 2019.  It has never been returned.


The Thom Reed UFO Monument Was Installed by The Town Of Sheffield

Overseen, by Sheffield's Attorney Mark R. Reich, on September 18, 2015


The Town Stands by The "Agreement" Reached With You

The Town Did Not Abide By There Agreement 


Sheffield's Rhonda LaBombard, The Monument is on Private Property

However Rhonda and Nadine Knowingly and Willingly Made Official Statements on Behalf of the Town of Sheffield to Media Outlets, Stating Reed Installed the Monument. Then Removed it.  

WSBS Interviews The Roswell UFO Museum

WSBS Radio Interviews: Beth and Don with the Roswell Museum, Ben Hansen, and Mike Bara about the Sheffield/Thom Reed UFO